caryn green is a chicago-based writer covering topics of local interest, travel and the environment  who has a tendency to digress.

3 responses to “About

  1. Hello,

    I’m writing to ask permission to use your photograph “highway – s – of – mexicali” for a website. Website is about a song from the 70s – I don’t really expect to sell any (many) downloads (at $.99) but it is a commercial site.
    I would use the photo as a background image – it is just the size I need. I’d Photoshop it, darkening the image so it appears to be at nighttime, with a full moon. William

    • Hi William –
      Thanks for asking–please attribute: Photo courtesy of CN Green and I’d most appreciate a link to your site once posted.


  2. Thanks again very much. I’m going to have to retract my request – at least for now. The image didn’t quite fit as I thought it would. I’ll keep you posted if we use it. Your photo of the Mexican highway is special for me especially since I made several trips down to Los Cabos.

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